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Extreme Features:

• Made of natural sand, pea-gravel, stone chips, stone-dust and Portland cement by pneumatic control machine.
• Much lighter than of traditional brick wall.
• Damp proof and free from all fungus.
• Rate of water absorption is much less than clay bricks.
• Plaster is not required in internal wall if desire.
• Shape and size are uniformed so fewer amount of cement and sand are required in construction.
• No seasonal effect in production.
• Earthquake resisting capacity.
• Environment/friendly, pollution & contamination free.

Size : 390 x 190 x 190 mm.
Weight: 17 kg.
Color : Grey.
Required for 100 sft = 119 Nos.

190 mm Hollow Block: (10” Wall)

ECOIIT H1 Wall blocks are the basic building material which is cheap comparing and saves time and effort. These are well known for strength, durability, fire-resistance, thermal insulation, sound absorption, flexibility and salinity-free. Various sizes and color of Hollow blocks are available in our ready stock.


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